Monday, August 16, 2010

Canoeing at 40 weeks pregnant

After the doctors appointment, Jeremy and I went out to eat. We were gonna go see a movie but decided we were not in the theater kind of mood.

We got back home, and I was thinking "That's it! I've gotta get out and do something fun!" So while Jeremy was in the middle of watching his never ending Glenn Beck, I said, "Come on, let's go canoeing!"

In my head I was thinking that if it didn't make me go into labor (which I was hoping) then at least we would have a fun time!

We worked out a plan to take both vehicles, and left the car at one end, and took the jeep with the canoe on top, to the other end. Once we got in and started canoeing though, it wasn't a very strong current. The current picked up and got us down the river to the next bridge.. once we got there, we decided just to try and canoe back against the current.

The current was too strong in places and just kept turning us around..luckily the water was shallow for the majority from the lack of rain, so we walked it back some of the way, and then I got in and Jeremy pulled me up stream for a while. Once the water calmed back down again, he got in and we were able to paddle back (actually is was more like digging in sand because of how shallow the water was) to where we started.

We sang and laughed and just had a good time! I'm so glad we went! It was officially our best date yet!

Here's some pictures from the pregnant canoeing adventure...


Today we had what we had hoped was our last prenatal visit to the doctor...Journey was "technically" due 2 days ago, on August 14th according to the ultrasound. They have given us the 17th as a due date too which is tomorrow, but it doesn't look like he will be here then, either. The little fella has decided he is comfy right where he is, and isn't in any hurry to come out.

Doctor Micetich said today, that I wasn't any more dilated or effaced than I was last week or the week before. I could carry this baby for up to 2 more weeks! AHH!

He has scheduled another appointment this week for Thursday morning at 10 AM just to see if there is any change in the next couple of days, and if not, we will discuss using the "inducing gel". Unfortunately, the doc isn't a big fan of inducing, so he told us not to get our hopes up about Thursday, because chances are he will see us in the office again on next week for another weekly check-up.

Jeremy and I were somewhat disappointed in the news because we already had all of our stuff packed and loaded up today, in hopes that he would tell us "Alright kids, head on across the street to the hospital, you're in labor!" Or at least, that he would put me in labor!

Of course our timing is not God's timing, so whenever Journey DOES decide to come out, he will be RIGHT ON TIME :)

Monday, July 19, 2010


Hello reader… Whatever your case is this day, I hope that by the end of this short note you’ll find some inspiration, some hope, and that you know I DO LOVE YOU.

I’m going to give it to you strait, I’m free styling this note. In other words, I’m just going to start writing see what happens.

First, let me ask you a question… Are you were you want to be? Do you feel trapped? Is life exciting to you? What’s going on in your lives? I want to know more about you… drop me a line, tell me the good and the bad, besides, one can’t have a rainbow without the rain, right?

For me, I’m feeling great about life. I see nothing but an awesome future. Sure, I may fall off cliff, become disabled, have a bone burst out of my leg from playing a football game, I may even lose someone I adore with all my heart to something we will all face DEATH, or I even may be attacked by a pack of wild elephants alone in a jungle… regardless, I know that whatever it is, God has my back. He is there all the time, even when I wish he wasn’t. I mean why would anyone follow me to the restroom? Regardless, he is protecting and shaping me into his image. I love life, and I love the trials that come with it. There is no trial, no task too large for our God to conquer. All we need to do is put our faith in him, but should we put our faith in America?

Yes, I cant help but to bring politics into the picture. Besides my hero Jesus was the greatest politician EVER, and I bet there are a few on here who want to respond against this thought, and I beg you please do; nevertheless, I’m curious as to survey any who read this, what is America? What are your beliefs? Do you believe we are on the fast track down, or are we moving in the ‘right’ direction?

My thoughts are simple: If we don’t follow the God of truth, the God of the Bible, we are doomed for destruction.

I used to live in a place were Christians had to hide, were some were afraid to sing because of the government sanctions and tyranny. These Christians if caught could disappear, be imprisoned, or executed.

I hear about this progressive/ socialist movement in America, and it all seems to be fact based, but have we gone too far? I’m not sure.

I’m an optimist… I say no way, we are who we are, and we must do the right thing no matter what, truth will set us free…. Hit me back with any insights, I love to learn and hear other perspectives…. And remember as Reggie White once put it, “God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight.”


Notes of Question and Inspiration

I wrote this note a while back for my home town... now, im sharing with any and everybody:

Wow! Life is going by so quick for many of us. Wouldn' you agree.t We have either past or nearing our 30th birthdays. At the most, I guess we only have 70 years or so to live and that’s only for those who really want to be cursed. I have always said I would live until I was 100, and well, if I don’t… I’ll just die. (get it?)

Nevertheless, I am writing this letter for many reasons.

First, many of us have children and some of them are already in Jr. High, can you remember our days walking those hallways and it being a sin to say the word corn? I think the school system is good, but I honestly believe each year the system has lost a little more soul as we take God out of our schools and replace him with evolution and tolerance, yet, i say "we must be tolerant, for in a free country we should have the right to believe as we will, as long as it is moral and doesn't steal from others."

I have one favor for to ask of you parents, GET INVOLVED, as a teacher, I say don’t let the teacher do your job. We are there to educate and to challenge the child to go further than he or she ever imagined. To follow his or her dreams and to know with God all things are possible. We are servants for your children but we are not the total answer. Your children are looking at your actions more than anyone else.

I came across an interesting scenario the other day, a man in his 70’s looked at me and said, “What have I done wrong?” He was asking why I think he and his family are so separated. He knew the answer, but he wanted to hear it from someone else. He was always off to work; he was a rich business man. And, I say good for him. He worked hard and succeeded. Yes! Man should work and work hard, this is an American virtue, but to sacrifice the closeness with his son for material goods seems to have been the trouble. He has lost what he wants the most, a real relationship with his family. Later, I talked to a younger man, he said, I would rather be poor and spend a week with my son talking about the Bible and have small meals, than drive a big fancy car and live in a nice big house. This spoke huge language to my heart.

I compared the two, and I concluded that they both have it right, but there has to be a balance, God has to be first, family has to be second, and work has to be third. YET! You must work for the family to function. We live in a country were people typically work 40 hours a week and then they have two days off. Those two days are sacred to each family. What we do in those two days will in a sense destine what our children become. I know this isn’t true for every family, and everyone has their own unique set of values, but I think and believe whole heartedly that Sundays are the day that we are supposed to thank and worship God for all he has given us. Even if you have to work that day, I ask you to remember what American freedoms stand for and that they were built on Biblical principles. Without God our nation will fall. With the wrong God, our nation will be destroyed.

As I begin to transition here in my 30’s my eyes are opening and my childhood memories make me both laugh and cry. Actually, I find myself tearing up easily these days, at the stupidest things too, am I alone? Truly our days are numbered. And, as my first son is about to be born, I have many doubts and many concerns. I have the responsibility to care for this him and my beautiful wife. A man is the head of his house and yes, the women are the neck, and as Joshua put it, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

These are my thoughts for today, I felt compelled to share them with a specific group of people those from my home town. To all my people in Mount Juliet, I love and miss you all, never hesitate to call or contact me, I am not that hard to find.


3D ultrasound and update!

Today was the weekly doc visit, and we had another ultrasound! It was a crazy experience!
First off, Jeremy was suppose to be off of work today and ended up having to cut grass this morning. Well, he made it home about 30 minutes before my appointment, and needed a shower BAD! So he zoomed inside, cleaned up, and off we headed to the appointment. The doctor's office is ATLEAST a 35-40 minute drive, WITHOUT traffic, and going the speed limit.....well..we didn't go the speed limit...infact, we sped with our flashers on because we would have to reschedule if we were late.
We were dangerous, and my mom will probably kill me after reading this, but truth is we were flying, BUT, we ended up making it with ONE minute to spare!

I was so stressed but it turned out to be alot of fun once I got to see Journey! Not only that, the tech did a 3D ultrasound which is not covered on my insurance, and is about $250 out of pocket, but she said she needed the practice, and hooked me up and did it for free! Technology is so wonderful! I never thought I would be able to see him on 3D, but it was really cool!

After the ultrasound, they hooked me up to a machine to see if I was having contractions, and all was negative. :)
Also, she measured him and he weighs 6 lbs already! I have gained 11 lbs total as of this week, so good news is, it's mostly him and not all that delicious pizza I can't seem to get enough of these days!

He's doing wonderful and is very healthy and active! Today makes 36 weeks and 2 days. His due date is August 14th, (my big brother Caleb's birthday) but I don't think he will go that long! The little booger is gonna be making his debut soon and we are now officially excited after seeing his sweet fat cheeks on the screen today!

Posted below are some pictures from the 3D ultrasound...God is so Good!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This past weekend was our open house. We had about 6 visitors total between Saturday and Sunday to come check out the house, a few prospective buyers hopefully!

Also, Sunday evening was our weekly house church meeting with Jack's Creek. For those who don't know what this is, House church is something Jack's Creek church of Christ does during the summer to help grow closer with the members by meeting for the evening service in different members home each week through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.

This week, Jeremy and I were blessed to be able to host at our home!
The turn out was great! We still missed several members who were out of town and unable to come. We sang and continued our study in Hebrews and had some good grub! My mom (Kathy) and sister (Leah) were able to be there as well!

Here's a group picture out from before people started to head back home and the rains came...

Also, today was my weekly doctor visit. I am a smidgen dialated and 10% effaced. So I was told not to travel out of town from now until after the baby is born. I will have another ultrasound on Monday to see how big he is for sure. He seems to think I may come sooner than expected. So, I was told to take things easy for these last couple of weeks, days, (hopefully weeks) however long we end up having left before Journey decides to jump out :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Less than 6 weeks to go!

So I'm 34 weeks and some odd days...Journey is on his way! The due date is August 17, which is less than 6 weeks to go! We are trying to get prepared as much as possible, but there's only so much preparing you can do when it comes to bringing a baby into the world to raise! We are nervous, excited and so many different emotions mixed!

We also have open house this starts tomorrow (Saturday 9-6) and Sunday 1-5. Following open house we will have house church meeting here...... We LOVE our Jack's Creek family, and are so blessed to be apart of such a loving church!