Monday, August 16, 2010

Canoeing at 40 weeks pregnant

After the doctors appointment, Jeremy and I went out to eat. We were gonna go see a movie but decided we were not in the theater kind of mood.

We got back home, and I was thinking "That's it! I've gotta get out and do something fun!" So while Jeremy was in the middle of watching his never ending Glenn Beck, I said, "Come on, let's go canoeing!"

In my head I was thinking that if it didn't make me go into labor (which I was hoping) then at least we would have a fun time!

We worked out a plan to take both vehicles, and left the car at one end, and took the jeep with the canoe on top, to the other end. Once we got in and started canoeing though, it wasn't a very strong current. The current picked up and got us down the river to the next bridge.. once we got there, we decided just to try and canoe back against the current.

The current was too strong in places and just kept turning us around..luckily the water was shallow for the majority from the lack of rain, so we walked it back some of the way, and then I got in and Jeremy pulled me up stream for a while. Once the water calmed back down again, he got in and we were able to paddle back (actually is was more like digging in sand because of how shallow the water was) to where we started.

We sang and laughed and just had a good time! I'm so glad we went! It was officially our best date yet!

Here's some pictures from the pregnant canoeing adventure...

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